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Founded in 1995

Welcome To The Bay Area Sport Kite League.

The BASKL Kite by Ron Gibion Although our home is in the San Francisco Bay Area, you will find our influence not only in the state of California, but all along the West Coast and Nevada.

BASKL is a no-frills competitive sport kite league. Costs are kept down, so entry fees are low. The idea is to provide regularly scheduled events in a local area. The purpose of the Bay Area Sport Kite League is to provide a forum in which Sport Kitefliers of all skill levels can gather and learn from one another. While each league event will have competition at its core, the true focus of the league is to create a fun and exciting environment (an environment that will encourage the free exchange of ideas which will make all of us better kite fliers) and educate the public in the art and joy of competitive sport kiting."

BASKL offers membership with no monthly or yearly dues. The only cost to you is the entry fee for the competition's you enter, your AKA membership, and your time. Your AKA membership cost is $40 and lasts 365 days. Now compare that to how much you spend on your web service, surfing for kite info, plowing through tons of non-kite related newsgroup messages, when you could be out flying.

The BASKL Kite by Ron Gibion By competing with BASKL, you gain BASKL league points that are totaled up at the end and the winner's for each division and category receives the coveted "Flea
The Coveted Flea
" trophies along with the new markings on their "Grand Champion" jackets. If you don't have a jacket and are a "Grand Champion" for your division, you will. Novice fliers will be competing as well to see who comes out first with the new "Grand Champions" jacket plus the "Flea".

All BASKL events are sanctioned by the AKA, so when you enter BASKL competitions, you earn not only BASKL points, but also AKA points that may qualify you to compete at the AKA convention.

We are looking for new fliers who have what it takes to have fun.
So become a member today and enjoy flying with the Bay Area Sport Kite League.

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BASKL is partnered with "Javelin" a free to download app for sport players. Javelin helps BASKL with communication, scheduling, and sending event information.
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