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BASKL Board of Directors

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 President: Tracy Erzin 2018

 Vice President: Mark Quirmbach 2019
 Secretary: Brian Setterberg 2019
 Treasurer: Aaron Champie 2019
 Planning: Tracy Erzin 2018
 Chief Judge: Susan Skinner 2018
 Rules and Scoring: Tracy Erzin 2018
 Festivals: Steve Lewis 2018
 Field Setup: John Gillespie 2019
 Promotions: Joanna Chen 2018
 Master of Sound: Jeff Erzin 2018

Webmaster: Chuck Sigal

The Tom Turner Spirit Award

The Tom Turner Spirit Award

"This special award is presented to an individual who unselfishly shares the joy of flying with others."

Tom was a man with spirit. When you met this man you knew right away that he would have an impact on your life, he just had that way about him. A brief encounter with Tom was all you needed to know that you had just met someone very special and would want him as a friend. He was fun to be with, a happy guy, someone you could share your failures and successes with. Tom was a kite flier; he loved the sport for the fun, for the people and for the new challenges that came with it. On or off the flying field Tom was a person who gave of himself, not wanting anything in return. Truly a person missed by everyone who knew him. Tom passed away on July 4th, 1996 on the kite field at a local Bay Area festival doing what he loved best, flying kites.


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